Jane Henderson Interior Design



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As a designer, my sense of style is formed by where I’ve lived, what I’ve loved and where my passions have steered me. My personal aesthetic evolves with each new project. I make it my mission to combine the familiar with the unexpected. For me, success lies at the intersection of balance and surprise.
— Jane

Jane has the unique skill of expressing clients’ personality and style as well as the expertise to efficiently organize and execute their vision with a professional process. Jane’s enthusiasm and contagious energy can make the design process fun and stress-free. Whether they are renovating older, classic spaces or it’s new construction, her clients trust Jane to create stylish interiors that become radiant through an evolving language of materials, a refined poise of detail, and the delicate play of pattern and texture.

Jane discovered her passion for design in college, where she majored in textiles and design at the University of Minnesota. She began her career in the world of fashion in the hustle of Los Angeles. After taking a few years off from pleats and fringe to raise her family, she rediscovered her love of fabrics and patterns, but this time on sofas instead of on models. A self-proclaimed fashionista, Jane often finds inspiration on the runway and translates current and classic fashion trends into interior spaces.

Jane lives in Ann Arbor with her husband and fabulous golden retriever. Her favorite days are spent running, eating, and shopping – in that order! Jane is at her happiest in her bright kitchen, catching up over cocktails while her two kids are home for a holiday.